Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard

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Biem Butter Sprayer V2 is new in 2018! The biem goes from real butter stick to butter spray using just heat and air. The only butter spray that uses real butter! It's great for using real butter on popcorn or as the perfect nonstick cooking spray. Corn on the cob, steaks, vegetables, it's the easiest way to add real butter to everything!


  • Butter toast and use half as much
  • Butter popcorn without drenching, making it soggy
  • Use as a natural non-stick cooking spray. No artificial sprays with flammable and artificial ingredients. Cost less per oz
  • Butter muffin pans
  • Perfect grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Butter vegetables without waste
  • Baste turkeys or roasted chicken
  • Perfect garlic bread
  • Butter steaks
  • Butter pasta and pancakes


Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard Includes:

1 complete Biēm Butter Sprayer V2 with 1- Biēm Rechargeable battery pack & 1- charger

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Customer Reviews

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Butter the easy way. V2 is good.

The biem butter sprayer is an awesome tool for the table and kitchen. It is convenient and useful tool by all means. It melts regular butter in about 30 seconds and it comes out warm and clear(not milky). Its great for spraying pans, toast, dough, veggies, etc. The battery life is good for quite a while, the charger is flawless and simple. V2 is an awesome machine. My only complaint is that it is a bit underpowered for large projects, like a cookie sheet or something. Great device!

I would highly recommend this product.

Im physically disabled, and this product helps me out alot. It works consistently, and it helps me prepare food that would otherwise be very difficult.

v2 is a much improved product.

I had one of the original Biems. It did not perform all that well. This one is a vast improvement. It puts out enough butter than you can taste it on what it is sprayed onto. I use the V2 almost every day, I didn't do that with the original.

Butter Lover

I bought this as a gift and he is in LOVE with it. We had an issue that the team at Biem promptly helped resolve. Amazing customer service to go with an amazing product.


Biēm Butter Sprayer V2 Gift Pack - Includes one additional Rechargeable Battery Pack