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Biem V2

First, I have to say that my experience with Julie in Customer Support was the best I think I have ever received for any product....kudos to her! Secondly, I had one of the original sprayers that stopped working right away. This version 2 has worked great so far, and I have high hopes that it will stay that way. The concept for the sprayer is great, and that is why I ordered one after seeing it on Shark Tank. I highly recommend this sprayer as long as it works as prescribed. Thanks again, Julie, for the great support and super fast service.

Biem Butter Sprayer

Great product. Works as described. Would buy again.


It hasnt used it yet as it is a birthday gift for tomorrow. The shipping was really fast though will leave a review after it has been used.

Christmas presents

Have not gifted yet so no feedback

Fun and functional

Works good and is handy. Looks nice

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard


I gave this as a gift, not only was I told I won the Award for the BEST gift! Not only that, but a day or two later the recipient send me a pic of it and the words... Life is Complete. Thanks for making me a super star!

Eureka... I've Been Waiting On This Product

For years I've been wondering why no one ever invented a butter sprayer. I tried making my own using commercial grade bottle sprayers, but nothing worked. I started watching old "Shark Tank" episodes and happened to see this product. I immediately thought "Eureka" I was a little set back by the price, but still went through with the order. So far, it's been great. It appears to be very well made and commercial looking. Time will tell, as I've only had it less than a month. Biem really needs a marketing department overhaul. I really had to dig deep to find this. I never would have found it without Shark Tank.

Biem me up Scotty

Sprayer 2.0 is working great.

Great sprayer

Thanks to this you can eat bread delicious every morning.


Really enjoying the sprayer! Kids won’t eat popcorn without butter anymore and toast now tastes so much better!

Great gift!

I bough this as a gift so haven’t been able to use it yet but opened it and checked it out, it looks great! The shipping was amazingly fast and everything came as should be. Can’t wait for my husband to try it, he’s going to love it!

Better butter

best thing since sliced bread

Can't wait to try it!

I bought it as a gift for my wife and it hasn't been opened yet. However, I am excited to give it to her as it is a massive upgrade over our Presto microwave butter sprayer that is no longer on the market.

Bought 3 for different fats

No chemicals and I choose the quality of the fat in the container! Hope they last as they are very expensive!So far I have found them to be wonderful!I


Great Customer Service and so far...great new and improved product...

So far so good

Great so far!!!

Amazing customer service!

The product is really good, I believe everyone is aware of that. But the customer service took me by surprise. I don't remember having such a good experience with customer support anywhere ever before. Keep it up, guys!

Great cust service

was an original backer they send me the updated v2 when i was having some issues with the original great product and coi

I am very pleased with your service and I’m enjoying my product

An Out Of The Blue Gift

I bought this one as an unexpected gift for my daughter that is 700 miles away. She had not been influenced by any sales information. I will let her review to me speak:
"The butter sprayer is one of the best things invented in my opinion. I have used it on vegetables, bread, eggs. It makes cornbread taste really good!"

Version 2 is fantastic

Works great