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Butter the easy way. V2 is good.

The biem butter sprayer is an awesome tool for the table and kitchen. It is convenient and useful tool by all means. It melts regular butter in about 30 seconds and it comes out warm and clear(not milky). Its great for spraying pans, toast, dough, veggies, etc. The battery life is good for quite a while, the charger is flawless and simple. V2 is an awesome machine. My only complaint is that it is a bit underpowered for large projects, like a cookie sheet or something. Great device!

I would highly recommend this product.

Im physically disabled, and this product helps me out alot. It works consistently, and it helps me prepare food that would otherwise be very difficult.

v2 is a much improved product.

I had one of the original Biems. It did not perform all that well. This one is a vast improvement. It puts out enough butter than you can taste it on what it is sprayed onto. I use the V2 almost every day, I didn't do that with the original.

Butter Lover

I bought this as a gift and he is in LOVE with it. We had an issue that the team at Biem promptly helped resolve. Amazing customer service to go with an amazing product.

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2 Gift Pack - Includes one additional Rechargeable Battery Pack

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard
Vegas RVer

I've been looking for a 'quality' electric butter sprayer, for years. The Biem Butter Sprayer works like a dream. Even after the Super Bowl I'll be using it to butter my popcorn when I watch Gold Rush and Curse of Oak Island shows! I'll even be using it in our RV.

Love It

This is an amazing product, works great for putting butter on toast, muffins, sweet corn and so on.

Biem Butter Sprayer is amazing!

Biem is definitely everything it is cracked up to be-absolutely amazing! Buy it

Works great.

Always hoped someone would come up with this product. Work as advertised!

Works great love it.

Good Product

Saw an immediate use..wife saw this product last year and I decided to surprise her with this for Christmas. She loves it because she loves butter and this is a convenient vehicle for butter delivery. Only drawback is that it doesn't seem to deliver enough butter fast enough...he he (did I mention that she loves butter).

Biēm V2 - Battery and Charger Not Included

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard

So glad to finally have this!

I have wanted the biem since I first heard of it several years ago and it has been as amazing as expected! We have used it many times since receiving it as a Christmas gift.

Great customer service!

Had a battery problem and customer service was fabulous & immediate.

Love It!

Works great. We keep it in refrig and heats up quickly for use. Love it.

Love this thing!!

I love to cook with butter but I tend to be too heavy handed, this does a great job of keeping me in check without sacrificing any of the taste I love so much. One of my favorite kitchen purchases.

Impeccable service!

Once I received my first Biem Butter Sprayer, cleaned the unit, charged the battery it was working fine as advertised. However, once the battery needed recharging, I had trouble getting the battery out of the sprayer without having to pry it with a knife. I wrote to the service contact inquiring if I was doing something wrong. They promptly sent me a new unit without charge and the problem is no longer there. What a fantastic service and a company that stands behind their product. Great purchase and highly recommend it as a must have addition in your kitchen!

Great company they know how to service customers

Better Biem Butter

Solid built unit. Directions easy to follow. Had it in time for Christmas dinner and it worked well. Going to get good use out of it.


Got this for my wife as a Christmas gift. It works great and she absolutely loves it. The only concern I have is how much my monthly butter bill is going to increase lol. Awesome product and definitely worth the wait.

Biēm V2 - Battery and Charger Not Included


My wife loves this sprayer.

Biem Butter Sprayer

I bought two of these, one as a gift for myself and one for my sister. We both love them! They have worked as claimed and both the packaging and workmanship are top notch. I added the additional battery packs, and I'm glad that I did, as my battery needed to be replaced mid-meal. I keep the Biem in the refrigerator, just as I do the butter. Before I load my toast in the toaster, I start up the Biem and it's ready when the toast pops up. Nice product!