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Biem Butter Sprayer

The delivery time was excellent. I am happy with the look of the sprayer on my counter. The butter heats up fast and it is easy to operate. Very pleased with the purchase

Works Great

Have only had it a short time but works as advertised.

Interesting sprayer

Love this sprayer. Very easy to get the butter on the bread. My husband purchased this for me. He's bought other types of butter sprayers/knife warmers/butter shredders and this is the best because not only can you spray butter but you can also do oils.

Biem Butter Sprayer

We Love it for making and eating pancakes, also Great for frying eggs. We saw this on Shark Tank and so far have not had any problems.

Biem is awesome

My biem was broken and was just spraying air- they sent me a new one with no questions asked- Julie you are simply the best- thank you!!!

Works for me

I saw this on Shark Tank. It works as supposed to. So far no problems...

Great Product / Colder Climate

We love this product! The only drawback is living in a cold climate creates a butter jam up and we have to use a spoon to push the butter down so the sprayer can recognize there is butter in the unit. Be careful to put the battery in with the contacts on the bottom otherwise it gets stuck and you have to pry it out. Thank you for such a great idea.

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard

Very Nice product

One of the two batteries Aren't working

Awesome product

Great experience, I will recommend it for my friends
Little bit expensive but it worth it

Smooth & Easy

Perfect for anything you enjoy with butter!!

Exactly what I was looking for!

When I started looking for a butter sprayer,I never imagined this beautiful gadget existed! It works just like it's described. I've had no clogging issues. This is a wonderful tool when you're trying to lose weight but want real butter for food and cooking without drowning everything in melted butter. Thanks Biem!

It definitely sprays butter !

Was skeptical at first but it's perfect for air popped popcorn. Used it on rice ,toast, mashed potatoes . Glad we got it !

Biem Butter Sprayer

Love it

Working great

The first unit did not spray well, the staff was great on getting a replacement for us, The new one has been working wonderfully.

great product

great product , fast shipping , i love it

Great product

Works great! Found a new life living on corn on the cob and popcorn.

Great 👍 getting use to. Need to use it more often

Great buy!

Works great! Exceeded all our expectations.

Best new kitchen gadget

Makes popcorn taste amazing. Great to use instead of Pam aerosol can. Love using real butter instead of chemicals in a can.

Amazing product.

I have been using my Biem Butter sprayer for the past 3 weeks. It is great for corn on the cob was well as toast. No more spreading torn bread from spreading solid butter. Also love to spray the non-stick pan for eggs.

Get This Sprayer!

It is expensive but worth it. It melts the butter and then sprays a thin stream with the squeeze of a button. I use it to coat pans for cooking, on cooked vegetables, and to BUTTER POPCORN. You will really control your fat calorie intake and lose weight with this item. I have.