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Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard


Works driving

Biēm Butter Sprayer V2- Standard


I had an issue with my butter sprayer and the company was excellent. They shipped ouy a replacement same day and the new one works great.

Wonderful customer service! Such a cool product that we love and use regularly.

Love it!

It was all that I thought it would be! Works great and very handy for buttering bread, spraying pans/food or simply buttering your food. I’m hooked!

Customer service was fantastic


I love the convenience of being able to use this without needing an external power source like a power cord or using a microwave and it definitely beats having to use a basting brush.

Amazing product! Excellent customer service!

This is a "must have" kitchen tool that enables you to butter and baste just about anything.

Great product and customer support

Had a small issue with the sprayer, no questions asked received a new one in the mail and works great.

Great Product and Great Service

The first unit I received had an issue where the add butter indicator would turn on even if full. After being unable to resolve the issue through troubleshooting, I was quickly sent a replacement unit which works perfectly. Email responses were quick and courteous; overall a great experience.

Fun Gadget!

This sprayer make buttering fun again. :)

Filling a void in my kitchen that I didn't know I had!

I bought this with low expectations having used other products in the past with great disappointment. After opening the package and looking over the unit I was pleased with the look and feel of this new tool but the most important thing is, will it function. Well let me tell you this, it functions beautifully! I have used it daily for the last few weeks in my home and commercial kitchen without fail or hiccups of any sort. I seriously don't know what I would do without it now that I have it. Give it a try, you'll understand the void in your kitchen that you didn't know you had. Cheers!

Elected Official

I just love my Butter Sprayer It is Extremely well Built Very pleasing in appearance..Received Great Service From The Company...

Very useful product!

My teenage son eats a lot of frozen waffles and pancakes, as well as grilled cheese. This product is very useful. In fact, we use it at least once a day. I’m glad we bought the version with the extra battery, so when one is low, the other is always ready to go. It’s nice looking and easy to use.

Life is complete

The Biem Butter Sprayer is a life changing purchase. I admit, at first I balked at the price tag and questioned how much we would use it. However, it's glorious and we use it all the time!

sprayer and company is great

Sprayer works as advertised. Easy way to flavor foods with just a touch of butter.
Customer service is the best. Had a problem and they sent me a replacement in 3 days

Great so far

Only used for popcorn so far, beats melted microwave butter mess

Love it!

I use it on popcorn everyday.
Not sure why they went with a separate battery instead of a charging stand for the unit? Maybe because some store it in the fridge?

Love it!

This is really a great product. Works very well and we use it every day. Simple and no mess. Highly recommended.

melts butter wonderfully

Melts butter quickly and sprays it evenly! Very much worth the purchase! I love making air popped popcorn and love it with butter so this is perfect for that! It also evenly distributes the butter so I don't have to use as much as I did when I was just pouring it over things. Love it!

So much fun!!!

The Biem Butter Sprayer is an absolute dream. It sprays a fine mist that is excellent for buttering pans and dishes. It makes baked veggies crisp and delicious and not soaked in grease. I use it even making toast. I love it!