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Great gift!

I bough this as a gift so haven’t been able to use it yet but opened it and checked it out, it looks great! The shipping was amazingly fast and everything came as should be. Can’t wait for my husband to try it, he’s going to love it!

Better butter

best thing since sliced bread

Multi-use sprayer

We’ve been looking forward to getting our Biem Sprayer. We love popcorn, cooking with butter and having ready-to-use butter at our fingertips! We use it frequently! However, we do wish the Biem sprayer had more of a finer spray verses a stream of butter. The pros are that it heats quickly, it’s easy to use, and has so many versatile applications. Likewise, we had difficulty with our first sprayer and sent it back. We patiently waited for the “new and improved” sprayer and was excited when it finally came. Julie, Biem’s friendly customer service representative, was ALWAYS positive, friendly and helpful! If you love butter, this is definitely worth looking into!

now works like the infomercial

works like new hope it continues

Lid is difficult to get on and off

Biem Rocks

At first the spray stream was weak, but has improved. So far so good. The true test, will be, when I add a new stick of butter. Last one stopped working. Fingers crossed. Love this product! Otherwise, would use too much butter.

Biem Butter Sprayer

I am so happy so far with new re-designed Biem Butter Sprayer. I saw it the on Shark Tank and had to have it then. I think this is the best thing ever. So much more easier to use than melting the butter in the microwave, or using it right out the frig for toast, corn on the cob, etc... No more tearing the bread or uneven spreading of the butter. I am glad I got the extra battery also because I use it alot and can switch out the battery and keep on cooking. You will love it too.

2nd Generation seems much better

I had some problems with the 1st generation. I had an issue with the 2nd also, but Julie and the team were great with replacing immediately. So right now I am loving it. Works as I have hoped it would. I'm giving it 4 stars, because although I did have some issues, my only suggestion is that they had gone ahead and and made the lid connection metal. My last one broke off and the piece, and hoping this one doesn't. But can't give it 5 till I have it a little longer.

Great Butterer

The Biem Sprayer is great and the customer service is top notch. Replaced a faulty sprayer quickly and at no cost. New version is superior to old version. Thank you Biem for great service.

Can't wait to try it!

I bought it as a gift for my wife and it hasn't been opened yet. However, I am excited to give it to her as it is a massive upgrade over our Presto microwave butter sprayer that is no longer on the market.

Great sprayer

Works as it should. Easy to use.

Awesome product!!

Highly Satisfied with the product!!

Working Great

Outstanding Customer Service! Our latest v2 Biem Butter Sprayer is working great.

Replacement Unit Only - Biēm V2

Love updated version

Biem has been great. My original sprayer was broken. Biem sent me a new updated version and it works great. Amazing customer service!

Really Great

This is the coolest thing. Everyone who comes over wants one.

Works great!

I received my replacement Biem and it works great. It warms up faster and the spray is stronger. Thank you for the improvements!

Bought 3 for different fats

No chemicals and I choose the quality of the fat in the container! Hope they last as they are very expensive!So far I have found them to be wonderful!I


Great Customer Service and so far...great new and improved product...

So much better

Finally was able to try out my new Biem. What a difference. Works so much better than the first version. Can definitely say it was worth the wait..

Replacement Unit Only - Biēm V2

So far so good

Great so far!!!