How long does the biēm take to charge? How long does the charge last?

It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge. The amount of uses before recharge will vary depending where you store it and how many times you use it. A range of the biēm’s usage charge might be anywhere from an estimated week (for a family of four, using it at every meal) to six weeks (for a single person) but this is only an estimate and your results may vary.

The biēm comes with a proprietary, high-density battery pack. There is an LED located at the bottom of the biēm, which turns red as the biēm’s batteries start getting low.

The battery can be recharged at least 500 times or an estimated10 years of normal use charging on average once a week before replacement.

The indicator light on the charger will stay green until a battery is placed in it to charge and will then turn red to indicate charging. Once charging is completed It will change to green. At that time the charger is no longer charging and will stay green indicating the battery is ready for use.

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